Sunday, August 24, 2008

3 Dot (my crazy life)

Holy crap!!! We finally got our computer hooked up so now I can fill y'all in on the happenings of our crazy life.

I was soooo sad when we left Utah. We had the most awesome neighborhood, I think in the world. I knew coming back to California would be a huge change. And it is! Our neighborhood is nice and all and so is the house, but it's nothing like good old Pinehurst Drive. I had a really hard time adjusting. I cried every day for a week, and that isn't the norm for me. By the time my first week was over I had to focus on Rick's little brothers' wedding. Rick, Kaleigh and Drake were in it but I forgot my camera at home so no pics, suck. Anyway, it was nice and a good distraction for me. When that was over it was time to start packing for Hawaii. We were leaving that Friday so I had a LOT to do. Packing for 5 kids and myself is no easy task. I pretty much have to have all the laundry done so it goes more smoothly, and for those of you who know about my laundry... The other fun part was trying to get all we needed to take in 6 bags! You know, the new airline rules... But, being the most awesomest super-packer that I am, I got 4 kids into 1 suitcase, myself and Ace in another, Rick in 1, a pack-n-play, 1 full of diapers, and 1 full of food (food there is way over priced). I am amazing, yes.

We got back from Maui on Saturday the 23rd of August. It was awesome! The kids got blaaack! I was mostly under the umbrella with Ace, but managed to get some sun (not enough to to make my skin old and wrinkly looking before my time though :o) I always hate to come home. A week just isn't long enough. We went on a semi-sub with the kids. I got seasick, as always, but they loved it. Rick took them snorkeling and they saw a sea turtle. I guess it swam really close to them. It was the highlight of the trip.

Kaleigh's 8th birthday was the day we got home. She is getting baptised so we didn't have a big party, yet. She wanted to just have a mommy-daughter date. We got our nails and toes done, went to dinner and then met the boys at Nickle-Nickle. We had a blast! Then on Sunday was Rick's birthday, so we went to his parents for a family party for him and Kaleigh. The food was great, as always, and they got some good stuff. Kaleigh was all ROXY'd out by the time we left. I gave rick some money to get something he has been wanting for a while. He turned 30 and I felt bad that we didn't do something bigger, but with all the craziness of our move and Hawaii and the Wedding, there just wasn't time or money for that. I guess we will have to do something for the both of us when I turn 30, yikes!

We finally got to our ward last week and got a date for Kaleigh's baptism. It's not til October 11th. She is super bummed cuz that just seems like forever to an eight year old. She is so excited and doesn't want to wait anymore. At least now I have time to find her a dress and order her scriptures. Too bad I didn't get that all done before we moved from Mormonville.

School started last Wednesday and I couldn't be more thrilled. All my kids do is fight and scream, so taking 2 of the out of the picture for half the day is nice. They really like their school and I am so glad. I feel bad for Kaliegh having been in 3 different school and she is only in 3rd grade. The next time we move, hopefully, it will be permanent!

Now things are starting to get back to normal. Rick works a lot and is mostly tired. I knew that would be the case though. No big shocker! We have gone to the beach a few times, we do live 5 miles away, and that has been fun. One of the best smells is a campfire at the beach. My fav! I am starting to really like this city. There is something to be said about not having to drive 15 minutes to get somewhere. Everything is within a mile from us, and I mean everything. Can anyone say Cheesecake Factory......

I do miss all of my peeps from the holy land. I get sad just thinking about it. I want everyone to know how much your friendships helped me be away from the family I didn't have up there. I love you guys. So don't forget about the coolest Californians that lived in Eagle Mountain and are back living in Huntington Beach, ever!!!!

(pictures to come)