Monday, September 24, 2007


I just finished the Twilight series of books. I was so consumed with them all week. I even finished the second one in one day. I absolutely loved them! I have always been a big fan of Vampires for some odd reason, and let me just say that these books were not a let down in the slightest!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rick is home now, at least for this week. Those 2 weeks without him was pretty tiring. Last week was good though. I went to breakfast with my friend and neighbor Kandi. We both just took our babies. All of the other kids were in school. It is so nice to be able to do things with one child in tow. After breakfast I went to Costco. They have the best stuff there. I went in for only 4 items and walked out, $150 later, with the cutest Christmas cards. They were super cheap and cuter that anything I could make for that price. I also got the book "Twilight". I have been reading it all weekend. I haven't gotten very far. Something always seems to come up that makes it impossible to read. If I read at night, I get too tired and fall asleep. I tried to read yesterday afternoon, but Rick wanted me to watch Blades of Glory with him. So I finished my chapter and did just that. The movie was funny, but Rick thought it was way more funny than I did. I think those movies are geared toward guys anyway. They like that stupid humor. I am excited to back to the book.

On Friday, I went to Kandi's house for lunch and then I had to get ready for a big meeting we were having at our house. I left Kandi's @ around 1 and cleaned until 6:30. I did the kind of cleaning you do when you have strangers coming to your house for the first time. You don't want them to think you are slobs so you clean every crevice in your house. At least that is what I did. I wiped down all the base boards, doors, mouldings, and air returns. I even cut my finger on one of the vent slits. I bleached the crap out of the kids bathroom. My boys don't have the best aim. I always smell urine in that bathroom. I washed everything that could go into the washer. I must say I was elated with the end result. The house looked great and I was proud of myself for getting it done a half hour before our guests were to arrive. I am happy I did it because we had family over for dinner on Sunday, and Rick's sister Mindi is coming to visit today. So now I can sit around and relax.

The meeting went good. We are so on our way to the cruise to the Caribbean. Rick is working on getting it by the end of this week. We have until Oct 19th, so we are a shoe in! And now that he is home, he can really concentrate on it.

Saturday we went to Drake's soccer game in the morning and then Rick was off to another meeting. I didn't take Kaleigh to her game because we couldn't find her other cleat and it would have been too hard to watch all the kids by myself at the the field. I also had Trae, he is our friends child. He is a little more than a handful. It is a good thing he is so cute. Rick got home around 4 and then we got ready to watch the best college football team around. SC beat the crap out of Nebraska so it was a good night!

Today I have to take Kaleigh to Hula and then we are going to Rick's softball game. I love cheering for Ricky Big Balls. When he does something good, or while he is running, I yell "Go BB!" and nobody knows what I am really saying. That is the best nick-name, if I may say so myself!

Friday, September 7, 2007

New Dilemma

Here it is... Nothing sounds good to eat. I love eating, and when I am pregnant, I love it even more! I keep racking my brain as to what I should make for dinner and nothing comes to mind. At night, since Rick still isn't home, I get super excited for the time of the night when it is quiet. When all four of the kids are sound asleep and all I can hear is the rumbling of the air conditioner. This is the time when I pull out the sweets I have been hiding. I swear my kids can smell candy. I bought 3 different candy bars from the market the other day, Monday, and I still haven't eaten any of them. I bought 3 so I had choices. But not even candy is tempting to me, that is a huge deal because I am the Candy Queen! The only thing that kind of sounds good is "out" food. Food that I don't have to cook myself, and a meal that is usually accompanied by a blue cheese dinner salad. This is kind of hard to come by, seeing as though I would have to take 4 kids with me and a good restaurant is 15 minutes away. Pretty soon I am gonna be rich so I can go out to dinner everyday for every meal. Or, hire a chef to make it all for me!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I Hate This!

Rick has been out of town since Monday and I SO miss him. He is supposed to come home late Friday/early Saturday, but I know he will be exhausted so we won't get to spend that much time together. Then, he informs me, that he is probably going to have to go back on Monday again for a whole week. This sucks! This is not even his real job anymore. The extra income is always welcome, but I would rather have him home!

On a lighter, and much more exciting, note.... we have started this new business with Kyani Sun. It is this miracle drink that Rick has been taking for about 3 weeks now. His back pain has gone away (which is nice cuz I HATE Somas!). Check it out at . Which reminds me of another reason why I am upset with this Vegas thing. He has no time to work on this project and I really want to go on the free cruise in December. I told him we so have to go on a week long vacation, without the kids, before we have this baby! And a cruise is perfect for a pregnant woman because you can eat and eat and eat and not feel bad cuz you have an excuse, right?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


So... The month of August was a crazy one. We were in California for a week and got to spend some time with family. It is so complicated now when we do make it down to Cali. There is never enough time to see everyone we would like too. We mostly spend all of our time with the fam. I took all the kids to Doheny, down in Dana Point. The Baby loved the sand! He only tasted it a few times and I guess decided that it wasn't for him. Cade and his cousin Nico, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of it.

When we got home from Cali, I had 4 days to get ready for our annual trip to Maui. It actually wasn't that big of a deal, though. I make sure all the laundry was done before we left Rick's parents house. So I pretty much took half the clothes out of the suitcase and was then ready for the trip. I take a small amount of clothes for each of us because we are in swimsuits all day and we never wear all the stuff I pack anyway. Hawaii was super fun! I think each of the boys puked a few times and the baby had diharea the entire time! Hawaii is not Hawaii without our kids pooping and puking! Matt stayed with us in our room and was a big help with the kids. We took our yearly drive to Ululani's Shave Ice. It is the best ever! I always get the passion fruit, it's my fav.

Then we were off the the Plantation. We had never been there before, and when Katie suggested it, I was all for it. You can only spend so many hours in the water. So anyway, Matt got to husk a coconut
and we all took the tram ride around the grounds. It wasn't a huge place, but fun anyway!

We got home early Saturday morning. We took the red eye home, and boy was that fun. I didn't get to sleep at all because I was so worried that the baby would wake up everybody else on the palne. As soon as I would get comfortable, he would wake up crying! The trip was awesome though. Can't wait til next year!

Kaleigh started school that Tuesday. 2nd grade already. She is getting so big!

She turned 7 on Thursday. Needless to say, BUSY!!! My mom came to Utah for her birthday.

We took her, and 3 of her friends, to see the BRATZ movie and then out to dinner. We had a good time!

Next was Rick's birthday on Friday. It was nice to have my mom in town so we didn't have to worry about what time we got home. We went to Ruth's Chris for dinner and then went to the movies to see Rush Hour 3 (it was Rick's birthday). That steak was superb! I highly recommend it!

Then on Monday I had a doctor's appointment. I hadn't been feeling good for about 3 weeks and had no clue what was wrong with me. He ended up giving me this prescription for anxiety. I went to the pharmacy to get it filled and happened to walk by some pregnancy tests. It didn't even cross my mind that I could be pregos. But... I am. You would think, this being my 5th, that I would have some kind of idea. Rick was stoked! I am way excited now too. If it's a boy, Ace Vaughn, and a girl, Avery Marie. I already had these names when I was pregnant with Jett!

Next, and last, Drake's first day of Kindergarten. Wow, two kids in school! It is great! He loves going to school on the bus with his sister.

So now I am all caught up! Now we are in September... soccer, preschool, hula, and pregnant!