Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Photos

I just got this micro SD card at Target yesterday for my cell phone and transferred all of (well, all most all of ^_^) my pics over to it.
So here you go.........

Our first winter, when we had no backyard just dirt (that's Kathy's house :o(

Now with grass the next year (don't miss the snow!)

Kaleigh showing off her new "do" this summer in California

I loved that Drake fell asleep still protecting his "Superhero" status

Drake would only let Uncle Matt shave his head if he let him shave his. Quite the negotiator.

Gotta love Cade...........

and his feet (those little square toes)!

Still small enough to fit in the kitchen sink (my lovely kitchen sink...... :o(

I love this smile, and that head!

Since Ace was born, Jett loves to sit, or sleep, right on top of me. That is my arm, by the way

So little (sad)

Don't you just want to bite that lip?

Chillin' at the beach the first week back in California

Having a bonfire the second week back in California (you'd think we like the beach or something)

First time eating rice cereal (like this kid needs more food)
And finally, this was yesterday after a shopping trip to Target to buy Halloween candy ($50 worth!! holy crap). And, No, he does not wear this shirt everyday, but, Yes, ALWAYS sits in his Bumbo. We think he kind of looks like a turtle cuz he sucks in his bottom lip all the time. I love this Baby!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A New Addition!

No... not another baby! But I bet some of you were thinking that!

About 2 weeks ago my Washer decided that it was through working. It washed just fine, but refused to drain. I thought we had a warranty, but of course, we didn't. Let me just say, I am sick of buying washers and dryers. We had a perfectly good dryer when we moved to Utah, but our house only had hookups for electric and ours, surprise surprise, was gas. So we bought a new one and Rick just gave our other one away to some worker guy. Then, we move back to California and now we have gas hookups. What the Crap! So we bought another gas dryer (but I did make Rick keep the other one in the garage, just in case). Then this with the washer. I decide it was time for me to have one of those front loading ones. I have sooooooo much laundry, it's ridiculous! I've heard you can put way more clothes in those ones than the regular ones. So we bit the bullet, and bought one (so much for a savings). I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg, but still wanted a nice one. I chose the LG. We have a bunch of LG appliances and they have done us well (I hate you GE). So we will see how long this one lasts. Now I just have to save for the matching dryer. I saw no point in buying it right away, seeing as though we just bought one 2 months ago!
Here's the deal (I think it was a deal) I got: Sears had it for $1099. But if I got white it went down $100. SO of course, I got white (it's in my garage anyway). Then they had 15% off, so that took it to $850. But then tax and delivery and haul away... My total came to $990. Not that great, I know, but then I got to send away for some rebates that, should they all come, will be $245. So my real total, for a nice piece of machinery that feels like family cuz I spend more time with it that anyone else, was $745. Pretty good!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kaleigh Finally gets Baptised!

Kaleigh has been waiting so patiently to get Baptised. Due to the move and a wedding and a Hawaiian vacation, it kept getting pushed back. October 11th couldn't get here fast enough.

It seemed pretty crazy, having a child old enough to get Baptised. I really wanted to enjoy every minute of it. That didn't quite happen, though. With getting the house tidied up and food enough to feed the families and a baby that isn't the quietest, it seemed sort of rushed. Still, it was an awesome day! She got a bit nervous/embarrassed to have all the focus on her, but she was beautiful and great just the same!

(of course I forgot my camera, so I won't have good pics until i get them from my mom's camera)

Here she is in front of our BRIGHT peach house

On a side note..... Cade was a bit disappointed with the whole thing.

Cade: That's it?!

Rick: What's wrong?

Cade: Dad, I can't believe all Baptised is is going under the water!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Free Handbag!

Anyone want a free handbag? I found this on someone else's blog and tried it. Go to and enter. Lets see if any of us wins! Good luck!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another of Cade's Funny Thoughts

My Sister-in-law, Rachel and Myself have decided that Cade needs his own post every week or so. That kid is just too funny! So here is another one of his off the wall comments with more to come I'm sure!

Cade: (while in the shower) Dad? Will I still be cool if I don't wash my butt?

Dad: Not only will you not be cool, but you will have a stinky butt as well.

Cade: Then I think I'm gonna wash my butt!

Just picture this 4 year old talking in that sweet, ever so raspy, voice of his!