Monday, December 17, 2007

Our 1st Annual Christmas Party

When we left California, I knew I would miss a lot of things. During Christmas time, I am reminded of those things, and one of them was my brother's annual Christmas party. Rick and I have gone every year they have had it, except for this year and last. So... when we moved to Utah, we decided that we would have our own party with the new friends we have met here. Luckily for us, they are a silly and fun as Rick and I, and everybody brought some great gifts.
We decided our party was going to be called the "Naughty & Nice" Christmas party. For those of you who know us, no point on explaining. The good part is, you have a 50/50 chance on going home with something "normal". We actually got 2 crazy gifts, but one couple wanted one of them cuz they got 2 lotion gift sets. They didn't want to leave the party ALL nice.

We had a great time and can't wait til' next year!

This is Rick's cousin who won the naughty gift that Rick brought. It is a blow-up "wife". The box said it was the best kind of wife because she doesn't say a word...

This prize was great. A belt with mistletoe tied to the middle in the front.

These panties were HUGE! My friend, who is 8 months pregnant, was a good sport and tried them on for all of us to witness. She had them tied up in the back so they would stay on. They really were humongous!
And this was the winner... "Ask Mr. Dick". It's kind of like a magic 8 ball. You ask Mr. Dick a question, give him a good shake, and then he will have the answer.
This girl gave it away. Obviously she already knows what Mr. Dick will say.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm It!

Post these rules of "tag" at the beginning of your blog. List 6 facts, habit or obsession about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag 6 people and post their names. Go to their blog and leave them a comment letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog for more details.

#1 I love love love "out food". That is what I call it. There is nothing better than going out to a good restaurant, eating delicious food, and then not having to clean it up. I always start with a blue cheese salad and then usually I get a steak of some sort. And I always have dessert.

#2 I have come to the conclusion that I am a "control freak". I have to have things done my way or it just doesn't fly. Rick told me this about a month ago and I told him he was the freak. But now I know he was right. I have been paying attention to myself and it is completely true. It truly is "my way or the highway"!

#3 I am obsessed with Christmas. I know you are thinking it is just because this is the time of year, but that is not the case. I think about "my month" of Christmas all year. I even asked Rick if we could decorate one of the basement rooms in only Christmas decorations. I love the family time and the music and the movies and buying presents and.... I'm sure you get the idea.

#4 I am not a "Girls" girl. Girls bug me. The stuff they do for attention. Stupid. It is probably because I grew up with 3 sports enthused brothers that always beat me up and didn't tolerate a girly girl. Maybe. Don't get me wrong, I have lots of "girlfriends" that I love! But I think they get me and my rough personality. (Hopefully I have not offended any of you... But if so, it's kind of your fault for being my friend ^_^)

#5 I have a make-up fetish. I love buying the stuff. But only the pricey kind. I don't wear it often, only when Rick and I go out or to church on Sundays. I consider myself more of a collector. I buy it whenever I have the chance. Usually when I am at Nordstrom or when I get the Sephora catalog. It's good stuff!

#6 Last, but definitely not least, I have a burning for USC football. I am holding out for the day when one, or all, of my sons had his name said over the loud speaker at a game. They were all named for that specific reason. Drake Jackman, Cade Jackman, Jett Jackman, and Ace Jackman sound like awesome football names! Most people would not want a house full of boys. But to me, it's like I have 4 chances to get one of them to that school to play ball.

So now... I Tag Kelli, Amanda, Whitney, Elissa, Mindi, and Katie

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Home at Last

Rick and I got home early Sunday morning after being away for a whole week. The cruise was amazing! It was a non-stop fun fest. Cozumel was Mexico... need I say more. Grand Cayman was awesome. We swam with the stingrays about 2 miles out in the middle of the ocean where there is a sandbar. The water was the clearest we had ever seen and only came up to our waist. The stingrays were huge and very pleasant. You would never know that they are wild creatures in the ocean, and not tamed ones from Sea World. That was a great day. Next stop was Jamaica. We opted out of a beach day and instead took a taxi all around Montego Bay. We saw the ghetto, of course we didn't get out of the car. We also went up on a golf course to see the views. We ended with an authentic lunch of jerk chicken, pork, and sausage. We also had breadfruit (not good, unless you like the taste of a sponge), sweet potato and festival (it kind of tastes like funnel cake in the shape of a log, with no sugar). We had a great time on the ship as well. After all the dodge ball, basketball, volleyball, bingo, karaoke, game shows, musicals, comedians, black jack, and dancing... we were ready to come home. A cruise is the only way to go!!!

Swimming with the Sting Rays in Grand Cayman

Rick and the "Bud Man" in Jamaica

The veiw from a "nice" hotel in Jamaica (That is our boat)

Ritz Carlton Beach in Jamaica

Darwin, Sophia and us in Jamaica. Some great new friends that were on the cruise with us.

The last sunset on the cruise.

Our last "formal" dinner

All the kids showing off the loot from Cozumel and Jamaica.