Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Phone!

I usually don't get too excited about having to buy a cell phone, but I love this thing. My old phone still worked but the lens was cracked in a million pieces and so my phone wouldn't take good pictures (a very important part of text messaging in Rick's mind). So Rick and I went to Verizon and checked out their phones. Rick is always buying new phones and it drives me nuts because I think they are a waste of money. He was excited that I was trading in my pink Razor for a new model. I picked this green enV. It has a huge camera and the lens has a cover to protect it. The best part is the full keyboard for texting. It makes it so much faster. I love this phone!

Jackman Krew

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Late Night

Rick has been home all week. It has been nice except for the fact that he comes home late every night. Last night it was 8:30 pm when he walked through the door. We have been playing cards after all the kids are in bed and it has been really fun. As we are about to start our game he tells me he is going to his friends house to play some rock band game. I was a little upset because the night time is our time and I'm pregnant so everything upsets me anyway. But, he is out of town a lot and rarely gets to hang out with the boys. I really wanted a donut (this is a reoccurring craving whenever I am pregnant) and some hot chocolate from the the gas station. We have a ton of hot chocolate at home but I think theirs is better. And being the sweet husband that he is, he went to the gas station after our card game (which finished around 10:30 pm) and got me the drink. They didn't have the right donut (cake with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles) but the hot cocoa was awesome! He then hopped back in his car and stayed at Casey's until 1:45 am. Boys and their video games...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love Tag

Where did you meet your husband?
I remember the first time I saw him. I was 12 and there was a stake dance that we were allowed to go to. A lot of my friends were older and had been going to stake activities for a while and knew a lot of the other kids throughout the stake. One of my good friends had a crush on him or something like that. I'm pretty sure that he came to the dance with a girl that apparently none of us thought was cute enough for him because we were talking about him the whole time.

What was the first thing he said to you?
We went to the same High School but he was 2 grades ahead of me. I'm pretty sure I was a Freshmen and of course didn't have a licence or a ride home from school that day. By this time he had already dated a few of my friends and my brothers didn't like him because he took one of their hats out of the seminary room at church. So my thoughts on him were not very nice. Anyway, I was walking home from school, and I lived far, wearing a short skirt and totally mad that no came to pick me up and then a white Chevy truck pulls beside me and a voice says, "Wanna ride?" I knew I didn't like the guy but there was no way I was going to pass up a ride home.

When was your first date?
Unofficial first date... I was a Sophomore now and had been hanging around his sister for a while when Rick got his licence suspended. He and his sister are only 1 year apart and pretty good friends, so he started hanging out with her a lot because she had her licence. We went to a girls basketball game, where his x-girlfriend was playing and my best friend was also playing. After the game we went to In-N-Out with a big group of us and I talked to him the majority of the night. I already knew, EVERYBODY knew, what a player he was so I was trying to keep a safe distance. Everyone was teasing me that I liked him. I denied it, for fear of being ridiculed, but really, how could any girl resist him. He was too smooth. We went to the movies after and I sat by him and kind of got a little closer than I should of because I was hooked.

Official first date... I asked him to the Winter Formal dance at our school. I was 15 1/2 at the time so I wasn't allowed to date yet, but my mom was in love with him (like most moms were) so of course she would let me go. We went to Las Brisas in Laguna before the dance to have dinner. It has become one of our special occasion spots.

When was your first kiss?
I can't remember which came first, so here are both of the stories...

Rick became friends with my brother Tommy. My family was going to Las Vegas for a little trip and had invited him to go along. He was there to hang out with Tommy and I was still only 15 1/2, so when I went to bed they were just getting ready to "paint the town". I was laying on a pull out bed, just brushed my teeth and put in my retainers, because I thought they had left the room already, when he came on over to the side of the bed and stuck his tongue in my mouth and gave me this big huge kiss. Not expected at all and I'm sure it was as horrible for him as it was for me.
I was at his house with his sister and it was around Christmas time. There was Mistletoe hanging above the door and someone dared him to kiss me. I had never "french kissed" before and was not expecting a tongue in my mouth. But there it was. Another awful attempt at a kiss.
So... I don't know which one was the first, but needless to say, one of those was my official FIRST kiss. With anybody.

Long/Short Courtship/Engagement?
This is where it gets very interesting... So after the Winter Formal, he got back together with his X. Nothing really ever escalated with us so it wasn't that big of a deal for me. I was also kind of expecting nothing from him. I went on with life and school. I became good friends with his girlfriend. They broke up eventually and she started dating my brother. She then cheated on my brother with Rick, they broke up, and then she got back together with Rick, again. I got a steady boyfriend by the beginning of my Junior year, and Rick was long gone. I was super happy in my relationship but was always a little bitter that she used me to get to my brother and then cheated on him with Rick Jackman. So now at this time I had been with Mickey for 9 whole months, and in the summer before my Senior year. Rick was still with the same girl and had become friends with my older brother Nick. Nick had been dating Rachel for a bit and they were going to the beach with Rick and his girlfriend. Mickey was supposed to come home from hanging out with his friends so we could spend our "anniversary" together but never showed up. Rick showed up with no girlfriend and here was my mom again telling me to go with them. So I went. Rick and Nick surfed while I got to know Nick's girlfriend Rachel a little better. She was asking me questions about Rick, and I kept telling her to stay away from him because I was sure he would try something. He was ruthless with cute girls. After the session, Nick and Rachel went somewhere and Rick and I went to Taco Bell in Huntington on Main. We talked for a while about the going's on in our life. He teased me about my boyfriend. I told him his girlfriend was an idiot. So on and so on. He drove me home and when we were in front of my house, he dared me to kiss him. I was thinking "Great! Now I can get him to cheat on the girlfriend that cheated on my brother". So we did. He was such a good kisser. I couldn't resist, again. After that, we would go to the movies on school nights in cities that were far enough away that we thought nobody we knew would ever see us. We both still has significant others. It was fun being sneaky. I went to school the next day after one of our dates and one of the guys that hung out in our group asked if I had been to the movies with Rick Jackman the night before. I denied it of course, but everyone kind of knew. Rick's gfriend started hearing stuff and we kind of fizzled out.

After I had graduated, I broke up with my boyfriend. I some how started hanging out with one of Rick's roommates. We became really good friends, that was it. I still didn't care for Rick's crazy chick and started hooking up with him again while they were still together. I would be at his apartment for parties that she would have no clue about. She thought they were going to get married one day. HA! I don't know if she broke it off with him or vice versa, but they did break up, again. I started spending more and more time with him, trying my hardest not to fall in love with him because I knew sooner or later he would screw me over. So I pretended not to care what he did and never let on that I was falling for him. Until one day, I became an emotional girl, and left his apartment in tears. He called my cell a couple of times before I answered and asked me to come back to talk things over. He said he knew exactly what I was upset about. And he did. I liked him a lot but didn't want to. I for sure I didn't want him to know that. Too late. So the sneaking around stopped. We became "official" in November 1999, got pregnant in December, found out January 2nd 2000. Then planned a wedding for April 2000.

So, long courtship, short engagement. And that isn't even the half of it....

When did you get married?

April 29, 2000 at his parents house in Whittier, California. We were then sealed in the San Diego Temple March, 2002. He proposed to me at that temple and said one day he would take me there. He made good on his word.

Where did you Honeymoon?

Oahu, Hawaii. We had an awesome time. Maye that's why we can't get enough of that state???

Here we are, almost 8 years later, 4 and 1/2 kids later, living in Utah and totally in love. Did I mention he was the best kisser EVER!? Once you go "Rick", you never go back.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Just Some Thoughts...

Those of you who "really" know Rick and I know that we are all about a good time. I have heard some silly stuff about my "Christmas Party" blog post. I would think that those of you who actually read my blog are good friends, just wondering how we are doing all the way up in here in Utah, or friends that we haven't seen in a while, this being a good way to stay in touch. You might even be friends that live in Utah with us. What ever the case, YES we hold temple recommends! I also don't think it is any one's business if we do or not, but just in case you were wondering. If the stick in your butt is wedged too far up to remove it, then I advise you to not read our bolg any longer. You might faint the next time I post something that is just "funny", not something to question my immmortality for.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This year, instead of just thinking about (or telling Rick about) some New Year's Resolutions that I want to TRY to accomplish, I am going to write them out in hopes that I actually follow through. I find that if I write something down I always remember it and rarely need a reminder of it. So.... here they are.

Having 4 children with another on the way gets pretty hectic. The laundry piles up, the dishes don't always get done, and I seldom make time to just play with my kids. With each new baby I try really hard to enjoy them, to spend quality time with them because they grow up and they are never those precious little babies again. But my older kids don't get the same treatment. I feel as though I am always yelling at them to clean their rooms or screaming at them to be quiet so I can rest. This year I am going to put more time into ALL of them! Reading books before the "goodnight prayer", saying the "goodnight prayer", FHE (even if it is not the most structured), and things of that sort.

The Temple...We are going once a month. We live in Utah, no excuses!

I tend to be... what's the right word... witchy, with a "B". I think that goes along with the control freak thing. Rick is so good to me and I am starting to realize that I am a hard person to please. I also don't put all my faith into him when it is decision making time. I seem to second guess him a lot and then when all is said and done, I say to him, "Why didn't I just trust you all along". He is the patriarch of our home and family and I will do my best to relinquish my control to him. Also, I will be more pleasant and happy ( he always seems to be).

Church... It starts at 11 now. We should have no problem being on time!

I am going to be Grateful. Grateful for the things we already have. Grateful for our home (even if it is in Utah). I have been giving Rick a hard time for moving the family here. I loved it, until I became pregnant. I think because everyone and their mother is pregnant in this state, it feels less special. The receptionist in the doctor's office are not too friendly, the doctor sees tons of "us" every hour and in every store you go to at least half the women have a round belly just like mine. I have to spend $355 every visit because they want their money up front, and I have insurance! That said, I was in the shower on New Year's Eve (where I do my best and clearest thinking) and decided, "This is where I live now, get over it! I have great friends, the kids have great friends, and Rick is so happy here. I need to be too." I'm going to be GRATEFUL!

Hopefully, now that I have written them down, I will have to accomplish them, or at least work on them diligently.