Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baseball, Baseball, and more... Softball!!!

So here I am, slightly overdue, but the "Book" has gotten hold of me and wont let go! I'm so funny, I know...

Where to start... Well, my life is Baseball right now. Actually, to be exact, it's Softball, Baseball and T-Ball. We have one practice Monday, one on Tuesday, another on Wednesday, and then 2 on Thursday. Throw a game in the mix of those and then put 3 games on top of that on Saturday, and you get my crazy! But for those of you who know me know that I have waited for this time in my kids life for like forever. I mean, I really only procreated so I could have awesome athletes to call my own, right? Kind of! For a girl who was anything but athletic, I sure am crazy nuts about wanting my kids to LOVE and want to play sports, especially if we are talking about Baseball and Football.

Today was Opening Day for both Drake and Cade. It was a blast to watch both of them play! We pretty much knew that Cade would be a natural, but were pleasantly surprised by Drake. He loves playing! Music to my ears!!! He is our "I want to be a Rocket Scientist or an Astronaut when I grow up" kid. He likes video games and cartoons and would be perfectly content with sitting on the couch all day, every day. So you see why I am so excited that he is enjoying himself. I know this is the first game and all, but I'm thinking that this is just the start to a long line (4 to be exact) of "Jackman" ball players! Can't wait until Tackle Football starts (flags are meant to be strung on poles, not boys)!

Not to give all the praise to Drake, but he has just really surprised both Rick and myself about the whole sport thing. I can't say he will stick with the enthusiasm, but a mom can dream!

Cade... awesome.

Kaleigh... She takes a little while to warm up to all the practices (ok, she hates them) but she loves the games, so she endures them. She is getting better everyday! I love that she wants to try every sport, too. I never wanted to do anything as a kid or a teenager for that matter! I'm glad they all take after their dad in that area. Every time she has a game I forget my camera so no photos of her just yet.

And here is a cute one of Ace, just for fun!