Monday, April 12, 2010

The Turd turns 2!

Trying to smile while holding on to his "scowl"

super tired after Easter. at least his shoes match his PJ's

holding on for dear life at Knott's Berry Farm. he was shaking. it was funny

Just being his "turd" self.
always climbing on the counter while I'm cooking. really safe

Just let me start out by saying that Ace is the biggest little crap ever! He threw the craziest tantrum last night @ 10pm cuz he didn't want to sleep in his bed/crib. He wanted to take my place in my bed! And when he finally fell asleep, he woke up again 5 minutes later crying! I finally had to take him to sleep in the guest bed so Rick (who is sick) could get some sleep. To top it all off, Cade woke up screaming, as usual, and then after I got him to go back to sleep Ace woke up again! today! But, he is still the cutest 2 year old "turd" ever.

We didn't do a big party because we went to San Diego on his Birthday and we have a plethora of Ball games every Saturday until the end of May. So I made cupcakes on Easter and thought since my whole family, and 11 other kids, would be there, what better time to celebrate! His birthday is at a great time of year because at least we see one side of the family during Easter so I am thinking we will always celebrate it then.

We love our "Ace of Base", "the TURD", "Turd Bomber", "Ace Bomb Base" and our "Ace the Base the Stinky Face" even if he is a little sh.. I mean poop ;). But we are, for sure, buying him his own "real bed" for his birthday!