Monday, February 8, 2010

Might be TMI, but it's a cute story anyway!

So, I hadn't had my monthly curse (or blessing in this case) since December. Well, I didn't think much of it, seeing as though Rick was "broken" around this time last year. But When February got here, I was beginning to think that he wasn't shooting blanks after all. I took like 5 EPT's and they were all negative, whew! But i got to thinking, Rick really needs to go back and get those suckers checked! So last week I was beginning to think that baby #6 might be on his way, but to my delight, I got IT!!!!! YAY for me! So I told Ricky the good news and he was actually sad! What!? Then he said that having babies with me is never a bad thing and that he really did think that i was Pregnant. He was looking forward to having 6 KIDS! Well, this is information that could have been used a year ago. But anyway, I'm glad that we will not be having any more kids, ever, unless, by the grace of God, a miracle happens (which I an NOT hoping for in the slightest)! Just gotta wait for the OK that he really was broken. So my advice.... Go back for that 2nd visit to get the goods checked or you will always wonder and be worried!!!!!!!!!