Friday, September 4, 2009

I was looking through my camera last night and realized how many pics I haven't posted about. We have had a fun summer!

Drake turned 7 at the end of June. I love this one of him at his party!

Rick and I went to a 311 concert in San Diego, but before we went out to dinner we saw this guy on the side of the road when we were waiting for the light. We gave him $5 for such a creative sign!

My brother and SIL went on a cruise and so their kids got to spend some time with us. Jett and Sophia just LOVE each other. We were wondering why we hadn't seen them in a while and why they were being so quiet. Then we saw this. It was the middle of the day and Jett rarely takes a nap. We thought that they must have just decided "hey, i have this blankie that is so soft and comfy, you wanna share it with me and take a little snooze while we're at it?" I love, love, love those two. I secretly want Sophie for my own. Well not really secretly, I voice it openly!

I went to Target to get a slip and slide for the kids and found the one Cade requested. It's the one with the skim board. Well, they got tired of that and pulled out the boogie boards. Ace always wants in on the action. He kept getting on, as if waiting for a wave to take him for a ride, and the kids kept yelling at him to move so they could use it. Such a turd, but so cute at the same time!

After Rick came home from Hawaii we took the kids to the OC Fair to spend some family time together. That place is a money pit! But we had fun anyway.

This was the biggest Steer I have ever, and probably will ever see! It looked like it should be Paul Bunyan's ox. It was that BIG! Crazy.

We went to Palm Springs to the same hotel I grew up going to. It's nothing fancy, but we all had a great time hanging by the pool!

Rick and Kaleigh's birthday's are a day apart so they are usually celebrated together. Kaleigh was so excited to get a phone! Doesn't every 9 year old need a phone? HA!