Monday, March 22, 2010

So excited for our 10 year Anniversary! I just booked a 7 night cruise to Mexico! And we will actually be on the cruise the date of our anniversary. Can't wait!!!


Michelle Perry said...

JEALOUS. Miss you Miss.

The Armstrong Article said...

Bout freaking time you posted! I pretty much thought you were dead. Good to know you're not.

Ashley said...

Lucky! Enjoy.

Ashley Koz said...

Jealous! I could go for that right now, I love cruises! You guys will have a blast

Joanna said...

Nice! I love cruises- its an awesome get away. Have an awesome time :)

Marissa said...

The only other cruise we have been on was the Caribbean one that was like 2 or 3 years ago. We loved it so much and have been wanting to do another. So, what better occasion than a 10 year anniversary, right? At least we don'thave to pay for airfare :) and we got a balcony room. So excited about that!!!

Whitney said...

Sounds like a nice 10 year!!!

Thanks for the comments, nobody ever comments on my posts but I know people read them!!! WTH

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Thanks for the comments, nobody ever comments on my posts


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